TTL Photography- Seraz & Fathima

TTL Photography is a husband and wife photography team, Seraz & Fathima. They have been photographing events since 2009 and they started specialising in high end weddings since 2014. Based in Durban, South Africa, they have documented many weddings and have become one of the most sort after wedding photographers in their segment of the market.  “The combination of  fashion photography and photojournalism is the perfect way to capture weddings as this ensures that all of your precious memories are captured and you also get to feel as if you are a fashion model. We enjoy capturing the many emotions that a wedding celebration creates, and at the same time keeping the regal elegance of the wedding in the portraits.”

They have traveled to many parts of South Africa to capture beautiful unions and they have a wedding in Malawi and a post wedding shoot in Istanbul in their portfolio.

Their hard work and dedication has made them to become SONY Alpha Ambassadors in SA for the Middle East/ Africa region. It was not only their passion for wedding photography that has led them to become recognized by one of the leaders in photographic equipment, but it was their loyalty and trained knowledge of the SONY brand that placed them at an advantage.

“We intend to educate the photographic industry via workshops with SONY Alpha SA, to help grow and nurture the industry. Support and encouragement is vital in any artistic profession and we hope to be that kind of a source to the many growing creatives out there. ”