Nikon School

Nikon School isn’t just a training platform. It’s a lifetime program where talent meets technique, passion meets precision, and creativity calls the shots. From the minute you pick up your new Nikon, Nikon School will inspire you to explore your skills – and take better pictures.

With each passing year, Nikon School has facilitated the transition of photography from a hobby to a way of life for enthusiasts across the region. Through expert classroom sessions, workshops, seminars and photowalks, we help beginners, professionals, and everyone in between realise their photographic goals. With a set of remarkably skilled mentors and alliances, we reach out and deliver learning to the photography community and share opportunities enabling them to bring their unique vision to life.


When you purchase a new Nikon, you become a lifetime member of the Nikon School. We will guide you not just till the moment you see your dream of becoming a professional come to life with stunning images and spectacular videos, we will be there every step of the way as you continue to grow as a photographer. We strive to be the perfect platform where you and your fellow photographers can learn, experiment, and share your knowledge with each other.


Nikon School conducts workshops, classroom sessions, seminars, and outdoor classes with skilled and expert mentors to guide participants. The focus is not only on simplifying the technical aspects of photography by understanding how to best use equipment for different photographic genres, it’s also about elevating your talent and skill through creative direction. All this, in an interactive and friendly environment that is conducive to learning.


Nikon School is a collaborative effort amongst various teams that come together to make it a technically enriching, creatively liberating experience. The design and structure of the School’s exciting and informative sessions are a result of careful planning, research, and experience spanning a network of Nikon professionals, both local and international. The team relentlessly works in promoting photography culture and awareness across the region. We welcome you to join us in our endeavours, and excel with us in the field of photography.