Distribution Services

Premium Brand Distributors represents some of the world’s premier professional and consumer technology brands in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our journey started in 1999 and we are one of the choice distributors for emerging, as well as, established high technology brands. If you have a requirement for a sole distribution partner in South Africa, and you believe that your brand will complement our current portfolio, please contact us, after considering the below.

The Premium Brand Distributors Offering

Your brand is not only a logo or a corporate identity; but all about how people experience it and what they associate with, when they think of the brand or see the logo. Our business strategy is therefore based on an exclusive distribution model for national, as well as, international brands that are entrusted to us.

Through collaboration with our business partners we build and protect the brand equity of the brands that we distribute. Our turnkey distribution solution represents the journey of the brand, and flow from importation, warehousing, marketing, sales and ultimately into training and support.

Through our authorised service centre, we accept responsibility for the after sales service and support of all brands that we distribute. Our considerable skills and experience can contribute to your brand becoming a leader in the South African market.