Richard de Gouveia

Richard has always been attracted to wildlife and the natural environment and followed these pursuits into the corporate world we he worked as an environmental practitioner. This was however not enough for him and he left the corporate world to seek adventure within nature and to be a guide. Guiding and his love for photography fitted hand in hand and he lived within the the greater Kruger National Park in South Africa for 7 years at one of the world’s premier safari destinations, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

He left lodge life in 2014 and has been doing private guiding around Africa, exploring and guiding guests through some of the most incredible wildernesses on the continent. From the jungles of Uganda and Rwanda, to the island of Madagascar and the savannas of Southern and Eastern Africa. He specializes in wildlife photography tuition and loves teaching people how to make beautiful images through a greater understanding of their equipment and the environment.

He loves sharing his images of wildlife and nature with the world and specifically loves showing animals in their natural environment. His passion for preserving nature through photography stretches far and wide and hopes to touch people with the beauty of nature and help them understand the plights of these creatures and habitats.