Mbali Mpofu

Mbali works as a portrait, lifestyle and wedding photographer. She is an energetic and adventurous spirit. She loves life and having fun.

Her journey into photography has not in any way been linear. In high school she was part of the journalism club and helped out with the school magazine, so she found herself walking around often times with the school camera capturing what she could. Fast forward a few years and she found herself working at a local newspaper as a journalist, which required her to take her own photos, and the love was rekindled. From there she ventured into learning as much as she could about photography, through formal and informal channels. A few months later she started working at a photography studio on an intern basis and eventually ended up as the studio manager. It was there that she was exposed to fashion and studio photography. From this platform she worked as a model booker and photographer for a top tier modelling agency.

My life goal in life has always been to simply be happy no matter what I do, so it’s beyond amazing that I get to wake up every day to do what I love. I regard myself an introverted extrovert, nothing about me is black and white. I’m a believer in growth, and always growing in everything that you do. I am on the pursuit of happiness and excellence.