eufy Solar Wall Light Cam

Enhanced Clarity After Dark: Experience vivid, detailed footage with the eufy security camera’s 2K HD color night vision, surpassing standard 1080P resolution. Ideal for monitoring your outdoor spaces with enhanced clarity after sunset.

Simplify Your Security: Enjoy the convenience of a combined wall light and eufy outdoor security camera, offering 300 lumens for bright, motion-activated security. This integrated solution simplifies your home safety measures with dual functionality.

Eco-Friendly Endurance: Harness the sun’s energy with the eufy solar camera’s efficient solar charging—just 2 hours* of sunlight provides ample power for over a day. Reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your property secure.

Intelligent Protection at Your Fingertips: Stay alert with the eufy security camera’s AI Smart Detection and a PIR sensor that provides 25 ft motion detection, complete with instant alerts** and remote siren activation via the app. Manage your home security intelligently and conveniently.

Smart Security, No Hidden Costs: Benefit from the eufy outdoor security camera’s local storage*** of event footage up to 60 days, ensuring your peace of mind without monthly fees. Enjoy smart security features while avoiding ongoing costs.