Nikon & Sony Photographic Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

DSLR cameras have moving parts that may require servicing from time to time.
Mirrorless cameras have no moving parts which reduce the requirement/frequency for service.

Premium Brand Distributors support all the brands that it distributes.
Our service centre is located at:
Premium House, Grey Owl Village Centre, c/o Brakfontein & Erasmus Drives, Centurion.
Contact us on 086 1164566 or e-mail

Dust on the image sensor shows up as slightly blurry spots in your images.
Can I clean the sensor myself?
Preferable not – cleaning the sensor in the incorrect manner, presents the following risks:
scratching of the sensor, battery failure while cleaning, damaging the shutter, mirror assembly, mirrors, mirror box and focus screen.

Premium Brand Distributors offer sensor cleaning for free, limited to two (2) sensor cleans per serial number, in a twelve-month period.
Additional sensor cleans will be charged as per the fees on our service fee card “link to service fee card”

Dirt/dust on your pentaprism presents as black spots in your viewfinder. If you have established that the spots are not on the exterior of the viewfinder, you will have to book the unit in to be cleaned.
Cleaning of the pentaprism can be complicated and quite labour intensive.
Please refer to our service fee card to obtain an estimate cost. “link to service fee card”

Your images are not sharp or your lens doesn’t focus in autofocus mode.
You are using a different body and lens combination and experience focus problems.
You should be able to manage the calibration yourself by following any of the tutorials on the internet.
However, if you struggle, please book the unit in at our service centre; the first calibration is free of charge and any follow up calibrations carry a charge.

The lifespan of electronic equipment is limited due to the constant development of technology.
After the expiry of the service period, the manufacturer no longer supports the product and parts are no longer available.

The estimated cost of repairing the unit, exceeds the replacement or market value of a similar unit.
The unit can also be uneconomical to repair as a result of fungus, impact or liquid damage in which case the unit cannot be restored to factory standard.

The speed of memory cards differs and it is extremely important to make sure that the memory card is compatible with your camera.
More information on the compatibility of memory cards with the various camera models are available on the manufacturer’s website.

We distinguish between spare parts and accessories.
The majority of parts however require special skills or tools to ensure that the unit functions properly and in accordance with productions standards; these parts cannot be purchased.
External components such as battery chamber covers, battery packs, screws, lens caps, cables and cords are stocked.

A grey product is a product legally purchased in another country, or imported from another country, through channels other than the market’s official distribution system.
The majority of brands distributed by Premium Brad Distributors hold a “local warranty” and grey products, other than those items that carry a global warranty will not be repaired under warranty.
The unit will be treated as an out of warranty repair and the customer will be responsible for the full repair cost.