Sony α7R IV Gets DPReview’s Gold Award

The new Sony α7R IV has earned DPReview’s Gold Award. The rating comes after Carey Rose and Richard Butler performed a comprehensive review of the camera, examining its handling and controls, image quality, autofocus, performance, video capabilities and more. See more of what the reviewers had to say about the camera and how it earned its gold rating.

“…because of how good the camera’s tracking is, you can set it up one way for almost all types of photography, and just never change it. We generally leave the camera in AF-C or continuous autofocus, with ‘Tracking: Flexible Spot M’ as our autofocus area. You can place that area over any subject you like, initiate focus, and it should track that subject tenaciously.”

“The Sony α7R IV is among the most capable cameras we’ve tested. It makes a compelling case that the days of choosing between speed-oriented cameras and resolution-oriented cameras are coming to an end.”

“[F]or those users that need this resolution on a regular basis and want to be able to photograph fast-moving subjects when necessary, the Sony α7R IV is the best option on the market right now.”

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Credit: Alpha Universe